Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Truth

I have responded a few times to a couple of Bruce Tomaso's posts over at the Dallas Morning News' blog. Each time he has chastised me for not allowing for others' beliefs - not being "tolerant" of those who don't agree with me. Those who don't believe like I do. I haven't responded to him yet and probably won't. He seems to be a pretty cynical creature from reading his snide remarks when he posts something or replies to those he doesn't agree with. Considering that I am a pretty stubborn cynic myself who isn't likely to have his mind changed by someone whom I already disagree with, it's not worth my time and effort to debate him about his intolerance towards me (and those he disagrees with).

Still, I find it personally necessary to remind him of one verse in the book of John:

John 14:6

This statement does not support diversity of beliefs nor does it depend upon anyone agreeing or disagreeing with it. As a business associate of mine likes to say, "It is what it is."