Sunday, September 13, 2009


As Christians (or the church as we're sometimes thought of) we're suppose to be a group for those looking for refuge. You know, a place where those in need come to find help. We're suppose to care about others before ourselves right? There's no greater way to show your love and care for someone in need than to give of yourself to them. Jesus said we should follow His example and love one another as He loved us: sacrificially and unconditionally.

I recently found that a friend of mine experienced the opposite in her hour of need. I don't know all the details. But then again, I don't need to know them. What I do know is that she found no refuge when she needed it. She found only that those she thought would walk with her were too busy to stop and listen and realize that she was hurting and in need of their friendship and compassion.

This is not good. If we can't slow down enough to care and be the refuge for those we say we love, then what good are we to God or anyone else?

I had my eyes opened anew because of this. I have been driven down new paths of thoughts concerning the church and how we treat each other and whether or not we really care about each other or about God lately. (The two are extremely closely related - see Mt. 25:35) This instance is just the latest in a long line. I have some folks in my life that have a mantra: "Love God. Love Others. Anything we involve ourselves in other than those two things is a distraction." I am beginning to see some wisdom in those words.

What if my friend's friends had operated under those two principles? Maybe she would know a little more of the intimacy of the love of Christ. But instead, I sense she has lost a little of her faith... maybe not in Christ... but certainly in His body - us, the church.