Sunday, August 16, 2009

American Christianity

Ahem... La La La La... Mi Mi Mi Mi... okay I'm ready...

I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the father except by me... and if he's a republican... and only if he's pro-life... oh wait! No gays either. They're an abomination. And they must be American patriots. No sissy pacifists either! Also, he better have voted for "W" and he'd best not have voted for that heathen Obama! And low taxes! he's gotta believe in low taxes! Also, if you're a woman, you need to know your place if you want in to my kingdom - no woman leaders allowed in my kingdom! My peep Paul said it straight and he meant it! And you must be pro-israel. Screw the muslims! They are eeeeviiiilllll!!! You help a muslim, forget it. You're not getting in. No catholics either. They follow some guy in a big white shiny hat. They're idolaters. They ain't allowed!

Hey God... did I miss anyone. You think them Americans will be happy? What was that? Socialists? Oh! Yeah! Socialists! No socialists either people.

And no one who takes this post seriously.


Friday, August 14, 2009

A Conversation with My Daughter

While I was walking tonight, I had an almost hour long texting conversation with my daughter. She is in Wyoming (though texting from Salt Lake City where she is visiting) and I am in Texas. She is coming back to Texas and the heat in a few days though and we are excited!

I thought there was something special about the convo, though I am not sure what. Our conversation consisted of the mundane, the seriously spiritual, and some memories all wrapped up in a little humor. I don't know... Maybe it was just that we were sharing our lives with each other without the weight of the baggage that has been plaguing our relationship the last few years. Anyways, send me your thoughts after you read it...

Note: I kept the bad grammar and punctuation as it appeared to preserve the essence of the brevity of texting. We still did some good communicatin' though!

Dad: What doin?
Dad: Huh?
Dad: Huh?
Dad: Huh?
Dad: Huh?
Dad: Huh?
Dad: Huh?
Dad: Huh?
Dad: Huh?
Dad: Huh?
Dad: Well?
Dad: ...


Daughter: Haha I was in barnes and noble reading a book:)
Daughter: I left my phone in the truck! Sorry!!!
Dad: No prob
Dad: I'm walking at the track
Daughter: Fun fun! I want to go!
Dad: U can when you get back
Daughter: Awesome! How hot is it?
Dad: Not hot its 9pm here
Daughter: Did it get pretty hot today though?
Dad: Yes 97
Dad: Tomorrow and sun same
Daughter: Wow it's pretty hot here in salt lake it was 89 i think
Dad: Thats not hot. Its 81 here now
Daughter: idk how I'm gonna survive when I get there lol
Dad: You'll adjust
Daughter: Yup! So how are you? Trudy? The boys?
Dad: Fine. Same O
Dad: Trudys not at UPS anymore so she's happy
Daughter: We went to famous daves for dinner and I am stuffed! And I bet she's happy! Back to regular sleep schedule after what? 4 years or so?
Dad: 6 i think
Daughter: Wow longer than I thought. She was working there when I was in middle school?
Dad: yes
Dad: Time flies
Dad: Make it count for somethin
Daughter: Well I have a bad memory! Time does fly by! Coming to slat lake reminded me of all the crazy traffic! I'll have to adjust to that too
Dad: Yep
Daughter: That's what I plan to do! Life is only so long
Dad: Course eternity is just that: eternal
Daughter: True. I'm scared to die though
Dad: Most r. Whats your reason?
Daughter: idk like sometimes I;m just sitting there thinking and reality smacks me upside the head and it hits me, were only on this earth so long. And I have no idea what its going to be like when I die. I just know I won't be walking this earth anymore, the thought just freaks me out. Then I stop thinking about it because it scares me so much.
Dad: Yeah. Know that. Knowing Christ helps me.
Daughter: I think if I get involved in church and really stick with it, praying and whatnot, I won't be as scared.
Dad: Knowing Christ is more about being with him than doing anything.
Dad: Most make it into a set of rules to be performed in front of a mean ruler.
Dad: Not so.
Dad: Spend time with him just having a conversation
Dad: Bible is simply the story of him making a way for us to be able to talk and spend time with him
Dad: Church is suppose to b a place for encouragement from fellow travelers
Dad: Sadly some don't understand that
Dad: Charlie does tho
Daughter: I know I'll understand all of that someday. It can't happen overnight.
Dad: Nope. Takes time spent with the savior
Daughter: Definitely. You are full of wisdom!
Dad: Same as it takes time to get to know anyone else
Daughter: But you can never know everything about anyone. There's not enough time.
Dad: 43 years of trial and error tends to wise ya up!
Daughter: Whoa!!!! Last time I remembered, you were like 40. Time needs to stop flying, seriously.
Dad: Ur right. U never fully understand God who is infinite. Think if ants tried to understand humans.
Dad: Same with us and god
Daughter: That's impossible. Not because they're ants, just cuz were huge and they're tiny.
Dad: BUT god makes us a way thru christ for us to commune with him
Dad: listening to iron maiden. Up the irons!
Dad: Heavy metal...
Dad: Was listening to old big band music earlier
Dad: different huh?
Daughter: I've never listened to them before. I'm watching school of rock lol
Daughter: I like heavy should look up seasons after on myspace
Dad: Look up iron maiden aces high
Dad: On itunes on ur phone
Daughter: Mmkay
Dad: Also download pandora app for free music streamed. U can choose a singer and it will play them and simgers from same genre
Daughter: I have pandora and slacker radio
Dad: Never heard of slacker. Punch iron maiden on pandora
Daughter: I like that song aces high and slacker is like pandora but you can search an exact song and it will pop up and play, then after that, it will play similar songs like pandora
Dad: Oh. I will have to check it out.
Daughter: Mmkay it's an app, its free
Dad: Downloading it now
Daughter: Awesome! You might like it, I like it better than pandora, but opinions differ.
Dad: Goin to ihop later for midnight dessert
Dad: Yum
Daughter: Haha with the fam?
Dad: Yep
Dad: We'll need to go when ur back
Daughter: Fun fun!:) I don't even want to think about food right now
Daughter: And yes we will! I remember when me you and Marissah would go to whataburger like at 2 in the morning
Dad: Yep. Boys and i have done that 2
Dad: We went and 8 a full dinner 1 time. Felt blech! afterwards
Daughter: Lol I like their breakfast burritos yummm
Daughter: That tend to happen in the early morning idk why
Dad: This was like 1 am. I was up til 4 feelin blech
Dad: Done walkin. Gettin in the shower. Gnight
Daughter: I would be too!
Daughter: Goodnight:)

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Authentic Christian Nation.

"The ascended christ reigns over the church and all societies but in different ways. In truth, the only "Christian nation" is the body of Christ as it is dispersed throughout all peoples and in all times. Confusion on this point has resulted in far-reaching consequences."

Read more here.

Friday, August 7, 2009


I think most times, God is busily stripping us of the idols we have clothed ourselves in. I don't think He cares much about what we want that we think will make us happy. There are many more imminent issues concerning our lives in relation to the Kingdom of God than our pipe dreams of wealth, health and happiness.