Saturday, June 28, 2008

Husbands Abuse Their Wives Because Why?

Check this out. Debbie Kaufman has a link to the actual sermon down in the responses to the post - you have to listen to it for about 10 minutes or so - but he says it here.

In essence he says that one of the reasons a husband abuses his wife is because she won't submit to him.

[Insert stunned silence here.]

Dr. Bruce Ware, professor of Christian theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., is responsible for this incomprehensible little tidbit of knowledge. It's not the main point of the sermon by any stretch, but I am just flabbergasted that he would say this. He certainly isn't helping the cause he's preaching for.

I suppose he would also say one of the reasons parents abuse their children is because the children just won't listen to the parents.

Always nice when a professor exhibits such ignorance on a subject... maybe sticking to the Biblical text instead of his misguided opinions would help.


Friday, June 27, 2008

You Gotta Walk Before You Can Talk Continued

Here is where you start The Walk, continue The Walk, and end The Walk. Most just say, "Here is the starting point." But that assumes there is a jumping off point - or you just do what Jesus says at the start and then "grow" into a more important position.

Not true.

You take these verses up, pack 'em in your backpack and take 'em along for the whole journey. That way you can pull 'em out and use them to remind you of the essence of leading others.

Note that Jesus doesn't say anything about telling anyone what to do or where to go or how to do something...

Which is the True Party of Black Americans?

I found this article quite interesting...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

You Gotta Walk Before You Can Talk

Armchair quarterbacks usually talk and judge a pro quarterback's performance as if they played the game themselves. The problem is, they usually haven't. They haven't been practicing since they were old enough to walk - training to be a quarterback. They haven't had to face a linebacker or defensive end that outweighs them by 100lbs coming at them like an out-of-control freight train. They haven't felt the weight of responsibility that comes with being the leader of a multi-billion dollar franchise. But they sure do have an awful lot of advice to offer. Check out any football blog during the season to see all this in action. Shoot, check out any sports blog for pretty much any sport to see this in action right now.

Armchair theologians are usually the same and they consider the blogosphere their pulpit to the world. You can tell the ones that haven't experienced much in their walks or haven't walked in obedience to God in certain areas of their lives. They have a lot of book knowledge about what the Bible says, but have hardly any real world experience. Their answers are usually oversimplified, pat answers - the only answers immaturity and lack of experience can offer.

And they are usually the first one to chastise you for something you've done or said that they consider wrong and then offer a couple of proof texts to prove what you've done or said is wrong. THEN they offer you the "right" way (i.e. their way) to avoid whatever grievous sin you've committed in the future. And they do it with "authority" - more like stolen authority - which of course is no authority at all.

I was listening to Crawford Loritz (see the transcript here) on the radio earlier this evening and he told of a friend who mentioned to him that it was interesting how most babies walk long before they can talk. Many (if not most) Christians want to talk long before they've experienced any time "walking" with Christ.

The lesson here is obvious: Walk the walk before you talk the talk.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Life

I just watched an incredible video over here. It makes the cares of this world fade into the background when you consider another 2 people have crossed over from death to life...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008


This is a photo of my 17 year old daughter when she was around 2 years old. It's one of my favorite photos - again, because it illustrates her personality at the time: rambunctious and happy.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Zachary Too!

Zach is 6 years old and is going into 1st grade in the fall...

Present Day Chris

I posted some photos yesterday of Chris when he was 4 years old or so... today I am posting a photo of him I took at VBS earlier this evening... he's 8 years old and will be starting 3rd grade in the fall.

He's growing up too fast. Way too fast.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Chris is 8 now - but he was probably 4 when these photos were taken... he's a sweet, inquisitive kid. He likes to experience life to its fullest and he's curious about everything. These photos - illustrate those traits about him perfectly.

Monday, June 16, 2008

You Just Never Know...

I was reading through some sent emails earlier this evening and ran across an email I had sent back before Christmas 2006. I was asking my mother to let me know what she wanted and some ideas for Oz - her husband. Funny how things changes in an instant - and there's no going back. Oz, at that time, though none of us knew it, only had about 6 months to live. He inexplicably fell 15 feet to his death the following April. No more requests for Oz's christmas wish list necessary. Christmas - and everything else changed in an instant for our family.

Back in 2004, we celebrated Christmas with my sister and her family. What we didn't know was that 2 months later,we would all find out that my brother in laws actions finally caught up with him - and he eventually ended up in prison for what will probably be the rest of his life. That day in February when my mom called me and gave us the startling and shattering news that Travis was not at all who he held himself out to be changed all of our lives forever. Again, Christmas - and everything else would never again be the same.

There is a lady in our church that just found out that her daughter is dying of cancer. They are praying for a miracle. I hope they get it. Regardless of the outcome, their lives will never be the same.

About the only thing that remains the same is that God is still on the throne - presiding over life and all the troubles it brings. Everything else is up for grabs when it comes to change. Dwell on this too long and you become fearful and wonder what's in store for you. What will happen tomorrow, next month, in six months, in a year?

The better course is to hand that fear to God, understand that He already has our days numbered -nothing surprises Him. We may not understand Him - why He does the things He does. But we can trust Him.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bad Joke of the Day

What do you get when an artist get's mad?

a frosted flake.

(cue groans here)