Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bad Joke of the Day

What do you get when an artist get's mad?

a frosted flake.

(cue groans here)


Fairwind said...

Hi Alan,
just read your e-mail with interest and yes it is only God's grace and help tht keeps us from reacting in cases like this!
Asking you for some help - talked to a gal today and she had read the interview abt my transplant in the St. James paper a while back and wants to know - "What does God have for me". She said she asks him every day but to no avail. She is in her 40tys and will eventually be in a wheel chair - has adult scoliosis. Is open to having lunch with me and I told her about Joni Erickson Tada and told her I would look for the book for her. Any ideas for ways to encourage her. She is a Christian but not out and out. lou

Alan Paul said...

I think sometimes people just need to know that God cares. And the only way I know to be a part of that is to be Jesus-with-skin-on - be that person that God uses to remind that person that He cares and most definitely has a plan for them.

Most of what God does in a person's life is through human relationships (but then, you probably already know this). Most of us who are put in the position that God has put you in with this lady have no clue as to what we are going to tell a person who looks to us for advice.

I know I just kind of "wing it" - I listen intently for what this person is asking - I also look for what this person isn't asking, but is still communicating by the way they talk and the words they choose, their facial expressions, their body language, etc.

Then I allow God to speak through me by choosing my words wisely and speaking slowly and allowing myself to speak what God brings to mind - being careful to make whatever I say helpful and not to offer easy answers (which I tend to want to do) or a bunch of Bible verses to "fix" a situation.

God's Word is a great source of comfort - but we need to see it in action - see the Words come to life. His word says He uses us who have been comforted in our afflictions, to comfort those going through similar afflictions. Sounds like this is what God is doing with you.

Though Joni Erikson Tada is an excellent example of someone who the world views as not having much to offer, but God has used her greatly, YOUR life and experiences are what drew her to you. Allow God to use them to comfort her. Maybe you will be the person He uses to lead her in the right direction.

Let me know what happens...

Alan Paul said...

BTW Lou - you should grace us with your many years of following Christ by blogging about your experiences...