Saturday, June 28, 2008

Husbands Abuse Their Wives Because Why?

Check this out. Debbie Kaufman has a link to the actual sermon down in the responses to the post - you have to listen to it for about 10 minutes or so - but he says it here.

In essence he says that one of the reasons a husband abuses his wife is because she won't submit to him.

[Insert stunned silence here.]

Dr. Bruce Ware, professor of Christian theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., is responsible for this incomprehensible little tidbit of knowledge. It's not the main point of the sermon by any stretch, but I am just flabbergasted that he would say this. He certainly isn't helping the cause he's preaching for.

I suppose he would also say one of the reasons parents abuse their children is because the children just won't listen to the parents.

Always nice when a professor exhibits such ignorance on a subject... maybe sticking to the Biblical text instead of his misguided opinions would help.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link Alan. I share your stunned silence. I'm still stunned, although I guess I couldn't be silent about it. :)

Alan Paul said...

No sweat on the link - not much traffic here though so no influence to speak of - the blog is mainly for me and my need to express myself. But it's always great to have a new reader/poster.

Anonymous said...

What in the heck! You know what is funny bro. I actually had an opportunity to meet Mr. Ware and because of his answer to some of my questions on women teaching. I have had to revisit my position. Check out and see if the Q&A is available. Wow.