Monday, June 18, 2007

A Voice in the Wilderness

I was thinking tonight about my blog and of course trying to think about what I was going to write. I thought, "Who cares? I am only one voice out of many - a voice in the online wilderness." Maybe my family members and a few friends will read this. But that ain't many people. So why bother?

Then of course, being a good Christian and remembering my reading from Matthew, I remembered John the Baptist, a lone voice in the desert - a wilderness of sorts. Now, he is not to be confused with the fighting, bickering, sometimes-they-try-to-get-along-but-it-just-never-seems-to-work-out, Baptists of today. I have heard that it is more correct to say "John the Baptizer" anyways. But that's besides my point.

John lived out in the desert, an outcast, a weirdo who dressed funny and ate bugs dipped in honey. He was a prophet who called - more like shouted - "Repent! The Kingdom of Heaven is Near!" Picture a guy standing on the corner in downtown Dallas screaming that your going to hell. That's the picture I get when I think about John the Baptist.

John was a prophecy fulfilled in that he made way for the coming Messiah and he was also Elijah returning according to Christ - which was another prophecy fulfilled.

And Jesus called him the greatest man ever born.

Quite statement for one small voice by none other than the Savior Himself. But, you know, Jesus was always focusing on those that no one else considered worth paying attention to. So I guess we shouldn't be surprised at His estimation of John.

John made a difference - he prepared the hearts of the people of Israel for Jesus' impending arrival. And he was just one small, seemingly insignificant voice in the wilderness just doing what he knew God wanted him to do - not worrying too much about being an outcast.

But if you read on in that particular passage that Jesus was speaking about John, you read that as great as He considered John to be, He also said to the disciples and the crowds around them that the least of the rest of us is greater than John. Go figure that one out!

I think you can see my point, we can be one small voice in the wilderness of life and it will count. We can make a difference in someone's life by trusting Christ enough to step out and take a chance, obey His commands and follow His will for our lives. For out of His will for our lives flows the hope and the help He wants to give others. He provides for others through us.

It may not make the news or even be known by anyone of stature, but it will be known by the person who is encouraged by a kind word; by that person who is thankful for a few bucks you gave him to buy a meal with. It'll be appreciated when a single mom can get a few moments of freedom from the pressures of her life because you took her kids for ice cream or maybe to the park to play.

Your kindness will be noticed by the orphan who puts on the new shoes you bought for him (unashamed plug here: Or even more so if you take those shoes to him or her on a mission trip. Trust me, the kids LOVE getting new shoes and socks. It may seem insignificant in all of our wealth here in the States, but in the orphanages of Russia, Guatemala, Africa or any number of other countries the organization I work for ( serves, it's a BIG deal to the kids. Sometimes, it's all they have for the rest of the year until someone else brings them another pair the next year.

Those are just a few off the top of my head. There are a myriad of other ways both near and far that you can fulfill God's command to love others.

This blog is called Stumbling About for Truth. I think we have stumbled into truth when we stop to help someone who needs it in Jesus name. Where else would He want us but involved directly with other people's lives - helping them - encouraging them - leading them to the One who can provide for all of their needs.

So like me, don't fret about being just one voice in the wilderness. Look for ways to use it. You may be surprised at the impact you can have.

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