Sunday, February 24, 2008

No More Religion

“What I’m noticing is when we stop preaching Christianity as a religion…and we start inviting people to be followers Jesus and present Jesus and His way as part of this beautiful story of the Kingdom of God, a lot of our Christians who have left are drawn back.” -Brian McLaren on the way Post Modern Christians are responding to the church.


Esther said...

another great thing he also said:

"This has been evangelicalism’s model," he says. "Fundamentally it’s about getting yourself ‘saved’—in old-style evangelicalism—or improving your life in the new style. Either way, the Christian life is really about you and your needs. Once your needs are met, then we think about how you can serve the church. And then, if there’s anything left over, we ask how the church might serve the world."

"But what if it went the other way? This big circle is the world—the world God loved so much that he sent his Son. Inside that circle is another one, the church, God’s people chosen to demonstrate his love to the world. And inside that is a small circle, which is your self. It’s not about the church meeting your needs, it’s about you joining the mission of God’s people to meet the world’s needs."

Anonymous said...

Brian McClaren said it well!
And it behooves us as Christians to live that others may want to be drawn to the Christ of the Bible.
It's not about me - but about Thee!(O Lord)

Levi said...

Thanks so mch for your comment! I think we are on the right track. Your blog looks so impressive, must be the art director in you!