Monday, December 8, 2008

The Best Article I Have Read on Homosexuality

Now wouldn't it be nice if we could disagree as agreeably as these two do?

Not holding my breath though... generally there is too much fear being propagated on both sides of the issue.


Jeffrey Shallit said...

Here's my prediction:

In 25 years, beliefs like Glenn Stanton's will be seen as bigoted as those of Christians in previous eras who defended slavery and railed against miscegenation.

Stanton has nothing to back up his bigotry against homosexuals except his religious beliefs. But his religious beliefs are not binding on the rest of us.

Alan Paul said...

That doesn't make him wrong though... because something is accepted or rejected does not make it right or wrong.

My belief is that you are right, what is now consider wrong, will be considered right. Everyone knows that if you repeat anything long enough, society will begin to accept it.

BTW: I would like to keep the name calling (bigot) out of the conversation if we are to have one. I find when I have employed it, that it doesn't add anything to the conversation nor will it convince anyone of anything

Alan Paul said...

BTW: If you reject religious beliefs, then there really is no conversation to have as that is what I base my life on - what I do, what I say (for better or worse) how I act... everything. That is also what I will base my argument against the homosexual lifestyle on as well.

Jeffrey Shallit said...

I do indeed reject religious claims to truth.

The problem with religious claims is that they are not amenable to rational argument. We can argue and disagree about the consequences of homosexual marriage, for example, but if you say (hypothetically) that you don't care if it has beneficial consequences for society or not, it's still against your religious beliefs, then on what basis could we hold a rational discussion?

Alan Paul said...

We couldn't so therefore we'll need to agree to disagree - in an agreeable way.

Alan Paul said...

By the way rationalism as a system of belief is simply religion by another name... everyone has their religion - the true question is: what is the true religion?

Alan Paul said...

I was thinking (sorry, i tend to ready, fire, aim sometimes when I should stop, think for awhile and then respond)... we could have a discussion about the possible benefits of homosexuality and the obvious consequences as well. It would be interesting to hear what you would think the benefits would be as I have never heard anyone put forth benefits.