Thursday, January 15, 2009

Women, Culture and the Bible

The headline makes it sound like I am about to write a pretty involved piece huh?


This is just a thought on paper. Not well thought out. Not researched. Just a thought.

As I approached the open elevator door after a long day at work, a woman came rushing around the corner to catch it as well. I automatically stopped my approach to the door, stepped aside and allowed her to get on first. You see, as a man, I have been conditioned by the culture we live in. By the American culture at large. By corporate culture. By my family's culture. It has all played a role. Because it is so ingrained into me, I cannot, without at least feeling guilty, go ahead of a woman in amy situation.

Now think about the famous passage in 1 Timothy 2:12 and beyond about women and their role compared to men. The picture Paul paints of a woman's role is, at the very least, one of submission and 2nd place to her husband.

Among other reasons, I have always heard the argument that the reason Paul wrote this into his instructions was because of the over arching culture that already placed women (as well as children) 2nd behind men. I wonder if Paul wrote what he did much like I might write to my sons to always allow a woman to go ahead of you? To always treat her with the utmost respect. To always defend the honor of a woman.

Like I said, just a thought...

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