Monday, February 10, 2014

Don't you know? Part 4

Don't you know that love is the foundation of everything we are in Christ? Paul called it clothing every other virtue we are to practice as Christians in love (Colossians 3). I call it hard to do!

I have been avoiding posting this one for awhile. I just didn't want to deal with the fact that I don't love others very well. But that doesn't lessen the truth of what Paul called us to do in Colossians. And while grace pardons, it does not excuse bad behavior. It actually demands we make right whatever we've messed up! God's grace came at the great and awful price of His Son's life. That mere fact screams out that we not hide behind the grace that was provided through such a sacrifice, but to take seriously our responsibility to love others no matter where they are at and to seek forgiveness when we fail. It's not an option in light of the forgiveness we stand in as redeemed children of God.

So as a chief sinner, in the worst tradition of Paul in 1 Timothy 1, I still need to practice love in everything I do to the best of my abilities no matter how I feel. And when I fail, reject the urge to hide behind God's grace, repent, get back up and carry on in the way of Christ's love.

You do too.

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