Monday, March 24, 2014

Don't you Know? - Part 7

Don't you know you have to be willing to suffer to grow in maturity?

When you ask the really hard questions of people, silence usually ensues - even those who seem to be further down the path in their walk with Christ. Why? Because they quickly realize they may need to not only change their long-held views, but they may actually have to step out of their comfort zone and do something they don't want to do.

Or if they're less than polite, they take you to task for calling something they've said into question, then roundly dismiss you (while wiping their brow in relief).

The downright obstinate folks usually take their leave of absence uttering a few obscenities as they leave because they know they might have to deal with you again if they don't.

All three categories need to consider the deeper, harder questions of the faith for that's the only way to grow and mature.

On my own home front, I inhabit all three categories above all too regularly as well as being the 'tough-question-asker.' Of course, I find it all too easy to ask the tough questions of others, but not so when God is requiring me to ask the same tough questions of myself. But the same rule applies: If I want to grow in maturity and my walk with Christ - learn more of His ways - maybe more of His suffering, I need to be willing to deal with the hard questions.

You need to push yourself to that point as well. You'll thank yourself later!

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