Sunday, August 3, 2008

It Takes Strength

My blog has somewhat become a reactionary commentary to what I have observed in my own life and others'... and the latest thing I have observed is that it takes strength for a parent to make the right choice for their children. But sadly, most of us fail because we are selfish and really, we're looking out for our own good... our own comfort - even as we act as if we are making decisions based on their own good. Let me say that though I have not been perfect in making decisions for my children, and will never be perfect, it still stands as truth that we become cowards when we, in the midst of our own pain, make decisions regarding our children, not for their own good, but to give us some measure of comfort in the midst of our own pain. This I have seen happen time and time again. And because I can see into the future because of what's happened in the past, I feel sad and frustrated that while we consider ourselves independent, we really aren't and we continuously flail around looking for something to give us peace and calm - even to the detriment of those we love. Even our children.

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