Thursday, October 23, 2008

Purpose and Peace

I was all set to write a post telling you the story of how even though I wrote the below post on Peace for an Advent Guide the organization I work for publishes, I have very little peace in my life. And, somewhat hypocritically, I don't follow my own prescription for peace that I wrote about. But a funny thing happened today. This was perhaps one of my more busy and stressful days I have had in the last few months. You'd think I would just implode with stress and crack under the pressure seeing as how I already don't have much peace in my life. It really shouldn't take much to put me over the edge into anger, frustration and despair.

Not so. At least this time.

I had a new, if only temporary, purpose at work today. I had to get a 2-3 day project done in one day. Plus I have more of the same coming up due on Monday that I haven't even gotten copy on yet. Once I got rolling, I work pretty hard all day to get the project done. I was extremely focused. And I was at peace - even under pressure. This peace didn't come from deep down. I have no secret for handling the pressure - or maybe I do. Hard work. It created purpose and required me to focus. I didn't have time to think about my struggles. I was too busy to care about them.

Maybe I am on to something...

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