Friday, August 10, 2007

Attacked by a Blogger AHHHH!

The organization that I work for was attacked yesterday and today. It was attacked by a guy who apparently cares way too much about what the state denomination is up to or not. Our organization has ties to the denomination this guy is frustrated with - from what I can see - he's frustrated pretty much constantly with it. I really can't say I blame him there since I think denoms are pretty much pointless. But a little more on that later...

Problem is, while we have ties to it, we are not an institution of the denomination, we simply have a history of cooperation with it and our leader has led the demonination in question for a year in the past. So I guess he was trying to attack the denom through us. In any case, we responded to his attack with the truth and with grace. I personally think we should have trounced him in some way or another. But that's just me in all my fleshly glory. I tend to be a bull in a china shop when it comes to this kind of thing. I like to think of it as having a sense of wishing justice on someone where justice is due.

I guess this blogger doesn't realize that denominations and their institutions are long past the point of being relevant. I guess he hasn't heard that we live in a post-denominational era. To throw money at any denomination in my opinion, is to waste your money. To me it's akin to expecting the government to be more effective if we continue to throw more money at it. Just my opinion - and admittedly, a blanket statement and coming from someone who abhors bureaucracy - which in case anyone hasn't noticed, the denomination in question, like most of them, is fat and happy with all kinds of bureaucracy. But then again, my spiritual roots don't come from a denomination or really, even a church. So I am, of course, biased.

On another subject, today is day 4 of reading through Philippians at least once a day. I am asking God to show me something new from it every day. He has shown me a few things that I want to talk about... in a different posting though frmo this one.

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