Sunday, August 26, 2007

News Flash: Mother Teresa Was Human!

I recently saw the following headline for a story on Mother Teresa and her doubts about God's existance: Did Mother Teresa Believe in God?

Essentially, Mother Teresa didn't feel God's presence the last 50 or so years of her life and came close to questioning His very existance. The story is essentially a PR piece for a new book about Mother Teresa.

The headline to this story is a commentary on the unbelieving society we all inhabit. The headline supposes that those of us who believe do so without question or struggle.

How silly that assumption is - especially coming from a jaded and cynical world - a world that struggles to make sense of every bit of information it comes by. This story (and others on this subject) also seems to "dance on her grave" at finding out that she may have had doubts. Nothing like finding out that those we have mounted on a high moral pedestal are really just human after all and that they are fallen like the rest of us. We celebrate the failures of those we aren't as good as in this society. Plus it helps that these kinds of stories sell better than "feel good" stories.

I think this whole story says more about the character of the world - our society - than it does of Mother Teresa and what her weaknesses may be. Sad, but understandable coming from an unbelieving world.

Here is the link to the story.

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