Friday, August 17, 2007

It's 2am and I am Thinking About... Honesty and Transparency???

I have been battling lately with a severe case of insomnia. After reading awhile in bed and still not feeling sleepy, I decided to check out some blogs and ran across a freshly minted one about transparency and preachers at Wade Burleson's blog. His post got me thinking again about this issue. Here are my thoughts:

Honesty and transparency destroy the dark. They shatter the illusion we've constructed about who we really are and what our true motives are. The light of the truth invades our otherwise secret world, making it almost impossible to continue in our sin. With the choice to be honest and transparent, we are forced to live our lives out in the open - for everyone to see. Most of us would feel stark naked, terrified, ashamed and embarrassed if we chose to do this.

But I think it a necessary choice nonetheless.

It is a good and healthy habit to live transparent lives before others - to share what's going on in our lives - to confess our sin. It protects us. It protects those we love. And it protects our ministry.

If we choose not to be transparent and honest, our sin will stay hidden, we will continue in it - that's what fallen people do, they continue in their sin if given the opportunity. And sin will eventually destroy us, along with our loved ones and our ministry. It will ruin our lives if left unchecked.

The question Wade's post raised for me is, "How honest and transparent should we be? Especially from the pulpit?" Well, that depends... How serious are we about making sure we do not let sin rule our lives? Last time I checked, preachers were no different from the rest of us as far as our humanity goes. They need to deal with the secret areas too and maybe more so considering they will be held to a higher standard as preachers and teachers of the Gospel.

Don't get me wrong, there is much to be said about being careful about how you share and to whom you share to. But in the end, from my own personal experience, you'd be crazy not to share. By remaining in the dark, you are risking everything. Find someone or a group of someones whom you love and who love you. Have honest discussions with them and allow them into your lives - especially those dark places you don't want anyone to see. You know... those old bones you were hoping to just ignore. Let them help you clean out the skeletons. Let them hold you accountable. Pray together with them and for them. Allow them to speak God's Word into your life. After all, it's the only book that has all the answers. You'll be set free - no longer ashamed and naked - and well on the road to redemption and healing.

Sound too good to be true? Don't take my word for it, try it yourself and see what happens.

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