Thursday, August 9, 2007


I went tonight to a meeting of about 8 guys who are intent on reading through Philippians everyday for the next X number of weeks. The X is because there is no time limit. They also seem to be pretty intent on being completely transparent about their lives and where they are at - what they are struggling with. It was refreshing to hear the stories of their lives - the down and dirty stories that you won't hear in your average "we must act like we're perfect sunday school class" or in a church service where everybody is "fine". "How ya doing this morning?" That's my cue to say, "Fine, and you?" And that's the other person's cue to say, "Fine." And then we both go on to the next person to repeat the same question and answer session again. None of that in this group. No B.S. allowed.

Being a cynic and all, I am skeptical. But I am going to continue to go and continue to read through Philippians, and ask God to show my someting new with every reading. I'll keep you posted.

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