Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Be Careful of What You Say

I was watching some show on MTV that I usually don't watch - not much, if anything at all, is worth watching on that channel - but I was bored and watching some celebrity addicts in recovery. They are all under the care of some high dollar shrink. It's all pretty smarmy - the has-been celebs are doing it for one last gasp of a chance at continuing their careers. The doctor is doing it for the chance to make even bigger bucks through the publicity the show generates.

One of them is Gary Busey the actor - and he claims - a born again Christian. He is in complete denial that he is an addict and he is acting as if he is in charge of all of the rest of the celebs there at the recovery center. He's in pretty sad shape and looks to be on his last go around with his addiction. You get the sense when you see him that if he doesn't beat it this time, he's gonna die.

Every time I see or hear of Garey Busey, I am reminded of Scott Wilder. And tonight was no exception- I was reminded of him again tonight. Scott Wilder is host of his own talk show on a local FM station - the WORD FM here in the Dallas market. I used to listen to him all the time. He is one of those run of the mill conservative talk show hosts - only he has an explicit, conservative Christian angle to his material. Think Rush Limbaugh adding Jesus to the list of conservative politicians and issues he usually talks about.

The reason I remember him is because one time, many years ago, he had Busey on his show for some reason or another. Chances are, Busey was probably either in or promoting some Christian-themed movie or something like that. I don't remember much about the interview, but I do remember how much Scott ripped into Busey once he was gone. Busey apparently did something that Wilder didn't like and he just ripped into him. I don't even remember what he said,other than Busey not being a very pleasant person to be around. I thought at the time that it was pretty inappropriate that Wilder would speak of this on the air at all. I also remember that was probably the beginning of the end of my listening to his show.

To cut to the quick, be careful of how speak of others. I wonder what I would have remembered had Scott not said a word. I probably wouldn't remember a thing.

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