Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ronne, What Were You Doing at 7:30ish This Morning?

This morning on the way into work, I was praying through some issues and for various people in my life. The organization I work for is going through some rough changes and reorganizing. Jobs have been lost and there may be more. It's not a fun time at work these days. I prayed quite a bit about that and for my attitude in relation to that situation.

I was also praying for my family and a few friends that I had purposed to pray for. As I was praying and discussing them with God, some other names popped into my head unexpectedly - at least from my perspective.

So I prayed for the people behind the names and asked God to encourage them right as I was praying for them. I checked with one of them already just to see if anything was going on and there wasn't. He did say that he had just finished running a very "inspirational" 6 mile run - so maybe that was the form of encouragement God used in answer to my prayer. I haven't checked with the other person yet, but I plan to.

As a matter of fact...

Ronne... What were you doing at 7:30ish this morning? I prayed for you and asked God to encourage you and to remind you that you are "one in a million".

I am not normally a person who is curious about the mysteries of prayer - at least not from a superstitious standpoint. I know God leads people all the time to pray for others - I have heard many stories. It has only happened to me a few times in the past - the distant past. Perhaps this is due to the fact that my prayer life is sporadic at best. But with the events of this past Saturday night, I have purposed to pray daily in some form or fashion. So maybe I will experience more of what I experienced this morning and God will use me to intervene in another's life in a good and powerful way. Wouldn't that be cool.

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The Christ Stumbler said...

Hi there, and thank you for the wonderful prayers. This morning at 7:30ish, I had just returned from driving my son and his bride to the airport. On the way home, I received the text from him, "Thank you for everything." Just having the opportunity to serve them felt so amazing. So, at 7:30ish, I was actually praying for THEM - for their journey, their time together at the National Youth Workers Conference, their relationship. And you know, at that moment, I DID feel like "one in a million." Two more "one in a million" moments happened later in the day - an opportunity to minister to a business associate who is struggling to find her place and purpose in the midst of financial turmoil, and a meeting to plan marketing for a friend's CD release. To be perfectly honest, I don't know if I would have appreciated any of the three encounters two or three months ago. Now I savor them all.

I continue to pray for you, my sweet friend. And look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store!