Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Good Side

A couple of days ago I published a post named, "Be Careful What You Say". It was a call to watch what we say because it affects others' perceptions of who we are. I used Scott Wilder and some negative stuff he said about Gary Busey after having him on his radio talk show.

I was thinking about that post and how others would in turn see me in a negative light because I used him and his failings in that particular case to illustrate a point. So in fairness, I also thought of a really cool thing Scott did right around the time his show went on the air.

I don't remember all of the details, but I remember a woman, who was a stripper or worked in some other capacity in the adult entertainment industry and was hurting. As she told her story, Scott began ministering to her in a way I have never heard anyone do on the radio - at least anyone who wasn't specifically there to counsel people. As I recall, once he was finished, he followed up and made sure she had the opportunity to get out of that world and begin healing. He followed up that she was getting help, but I don't recall much more detail than that. His actions that day on the radio show made me proud to call him a brother in Christ and I think, demonstrated the best a Christian has to offer a hurting person trying to make sense of her world.

In "Be Careful What You Say", I called for being aware of not doing anything to negatively affect another's perceptions of who we are as Christians. I will end this post by exhorting you to be watchful for people that you cross paths with that are hurting and need your help. Don't walk away from them. Help them. Christ may just want to use you to shine His light into their dark lives.

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