Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Did My Duty!

I voted today. I voted straight republican ticket. I was joking earlier that I did my duty to offset my bosses vote and my wife cast hers to offset my mother's vote. Both are diehard democrats... and both wanted Hillary instead of Obama. My brother and his wife put us ahead in our family with 2 more republican votes. Not sure of my sister though... last I heard, she was also republican.

As a side note, I almost voted for my first democrat today. Mike Anderson, republican, who is running for state senate here in Texas and former mayor of my hometown, really annoyed me. I swear he has sent a mailer to me every other day for the last few weeks, called to bother me at home with robocalls a couple of times, and his election signs, with his big, warm, fuzzy family shots were blatant propaganda (God, family, country, apple pie, etc.). You can see the shot here. Plus, he's a complete clown when it comes to higher education. He says college hasn't gotten more expensive. I wonder what planet he was on while his clone was running our fair city here in north Texas.

To be somewhat fair, here is his competition's site. The photo isn't as nice, but then again, he probably didn't spend big bucks like Anderson did. Anderson must have some big-bucks friends who expect return favors once he's in office.

But in the end, he is a conservative. He seems to believe that government is just some huge feeding trough for those who don't want to take care of themselves, and he upholds my Christian values (though I wouldn't necessarily consider that a qualification for office - just makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over!). Plus, my conscience won't allow me to vote for anyone in a party that is so blatantly anti-life - and is set to become even more so with Obama seeming to be a shoe-in. SO I included a yes vote for Anderson. I held my nose.

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